5 Prominent Signs of HVAC Problems 

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is an outstanding product of modern times and a lot of people are already reaping its benefits. It has been bringing comfort ever since to the families dwelling in their homes and to the people that hang around different commercial establishments. However, there are imminent cases wherein a highly useful unit malfunctions. To avoid further damage, one should never ignore telltale signs that something wrong is happening in the internal of your unit. Here are the surefire signs that your HVAC is failing and you need the assistance of Heating Services Manassas companies to provide. 

HVAC Problems


The HVAC of your home is primarily installed for the comfort of everyone who lives there. If however, the temperature of your unit shows inconsistency, your initial objective might lose its sense. Besides, an issue like this should never be neglected because it’s a surefire sign of deeper problems. An erratic temperature should never be ignored so if you noticed any signs of irregularity, you should immediately call a professional to take a look at your HVAC.  


There are cases when having a nasty smell coming from your HVAC is normal. If you have used the indoor technology for the whole period of summer and winter and you turned it off, there might be an odor but it should disappear within 24 hours. If however, there is still a strange smell lingering from the HVAC after a day, this is already a problem.  If you get a sniff of something that is burning (e.g. burning hair and burning food), turn your machine off immediately and schedule a professional to take a look. If you smell something like rotten eggs from your HVAC, this might be a sign that there is a natural gas leakage. Turn it off immediately but do not meddle with anything else. Instead, call for the gas company and have them notified about the situation.  


In the world of machinery, unusual noise is an indication that something wrong is going on. It is a notification that your machine is malfunctioning. If your HVAC system is producing annoying sounds, it highly needs your attention. Noises such as humming, thumps, and rattling are proofs of HVAC system issues.  A motor shaft with broken blower wheel can create deafening scraping sound while noisy grumbling can be an indication of more complex problems. If you encounter these cases, immediately turn of your machine and call a professional to assist you.  


There are things and places wherein you should never see any drip or signs of water or liquid. This includes your HVAC unit. If you see any leaks under the machine, near the vents or from ports, turn off your system immediately and inspect it thoroughly. If you noticed that there is water inside the vents, it’s time to call for a professional to come to look at it. Mold is another telltale sign that there is water leakage that is happening in your unit.  

Energy Cost 

An unusual increase in your energy bill is one of the prominent signs that your HVAC is malfunctioning. If you noticed that your electrical cost has been higher than the average, perhaps your faulty unit is the culprit. Schedule a professional to inspect your HVAC system.  

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